Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cosplay - Tsukino Usagi - Sailormoon

This is a cosplay from 2012, although I've finally had a place to put the few progress shots I took. I had recently gotten a smart phone after hiding from technology for ages, but the best plus is having a camera on me nowadays while I work. It was planned and finished (the new before, of course!) for Comikaze 2012, in Los Angeles, California. I went with my friend Kureno after deciding to just go for the day and then meet up with some wonderful friends afterwards for dinner.

Originally since it was a comic book convention, I wanted to respect the whole trend and considered a superhero cosplay around August. My instant choice was a Batman Beyond design, although I sat and sifted through a number of possible ways I could do this. I felt though that it'd be a tough decision considering what I wanted was more complex. Somewhere there, I settled in going with something classic. I love Usagi and Sailormoon, so I figured it'd be a wonderful time to work on her uniform. 

I started out with the skirt first, as I usually get to the skirts. I ended up finding some great remnants I had left over of some nice cotton, so I got to working like the week before. 

 Here's what it looked like on my floor. You can see the iron there! I pleated everything, which took about twenty minutes or so, and no pattern was needed. I always use an index card measured to the pleat size for accuracy, and I stuck with bigger pleats this time around since Usagi's are rather wide. 

The skirt at this point is basically coming together. The waistband is sewn in, and you can see the pretty blue color this skirt has. 

I am terrible at props and shame on me for not sealing my craft foam, I am sorry! I did however make this rather quickly since it was about thirty minutes before going to sleep, and I think it was probably something around 5AM at this point. The piece is made of craft foam, painted, and the little circles are actually painted hole punching circles, the little excess you get after you've punched the hole. They were the perfect size! 

Here's the completed top minus a few details here and there. The bow is also made of cotton, and I used muslin the uniform top. Not featured on this picture, but I also made matching cutts in the same color as the collar. The collar's detailed with white bias tape. 

The final result! I will have better pictures up soon and have styled my wig. I literally opened this thing in Kureno's car! Like a lifesaver, we last minute shipped this lovely wig overnight after one I purchased came with a really awkward back. This one from Five Wits is absolutely comfortable and also really great with the tangling since the tails usually are a pain. 

I definitely will be re-wearing this for another convention to properly wear it out. I got to wear it only for a couple of hours, but it was a very wonderful convention. It also holds up together nicely so I really look forward to another event for this cosplay!

Till next time!

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