Monday, August 26, 2013

Cosplay Plans for 2013-2014

Hello, and I apolgize for my lack of updating! This has been a mighty slow summer since Anime Expo, and unfortunately I was not able to attend Japan Expo at the last minute! It was very sad to hear, especially when I had several plans already made for it based on someof the awesome guests they had announced. However, life is life, and there's been some good news (I have a better job now!) and I'm in a better place to be able to keep cosplaying and focusing on the next conventions. Already, there are so many wonderful plans in my head!

I did manage to go to a small event at Little Tokyo last night, which was nice and a good opportunity for a quick and casual cosplay. I has planned on going a week before after finding out my sad news, but then I decided against going by making other plans. Those fell through as well, so I ended up quickly arranging to go with a few friends. Unable to pick something (or missing a vital piece of cosplays I did have in mind), I quickly got my EVA Asuka jacket, restyled my new asuka wig and I feel pretty happy with the results! Instead of a plug suit however because of my lack of time and how stuffy it's been around here, I wore a pair of red tights to keep the plug suit effect.

I also recently got some photographs back of my Cecilia photoshoot with my other Infinite Stratos friends! I might post some soon!

So through all of this, I managed to try to create some kind of decent schedule featuring all of my cosplay plans, and realistically, it's always bound to change. I did want an idea at least, and I'm not rushing a few at all. I'm also incorporating my new possibility that I might be attending Japan Expo in Paris next year in replacement of so many news and changes, so if that's the case, then definitely the schedule will be changing a lot!

For conventions, I might be doing just one day or skipping out on some of the smaller ones to focus on the bigger ones. I also have some local opportunities to wear stuff earlier anyway. I didn't add Fanime, yet there is a possibility that I might be attending it.

So here's the schedule! (Items in red are planned new items, and comments for them will be under the schedule)

-          Yuki Kuran (uniform) – Vampire Knight
-          Yuki Kuran (Vampire Dress) – Vampire Knight
-          Sohma Kagura (kimono/uniform) – Fruits Basket
-          Kinomoto  Sakura (Mage Version) – Cardcaptor Sakura
-          (Masquerade)
-          Yuki Kuran (Vampire Dress) – Vampire Knight
-          Nepgear – Hyperdimension Neptunia
-          Nanami Haruka – Uta no Prince-sama (Maybe)
-         (Masquerade)
-          Eternal Sailormoon – Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
-          Belldandy   Ah! My Goddess
-          Yuki Kuran  – Vampire Knight 
Other Side Projects/Smaller Cosplays:
-          Maid Nia Teppelin – Guren Lagann
-          Nonosaka Mao – Mirai Nikki 
-      Morgiana - Magi
-          Takatsuki Shiori – Shoujo Kakumei Utena
-          Kaitou Jeanne – Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne  
-          Makinami Mari Illustrious/Asuka Langley Plug Suit- Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0
Reusing/Fixing for 2013/2014:
-          Tsukino Usagi – Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon – Remaking the Usagi wig and minor editing.
-          Belldandy – Ah! My Goddess  Remaking a lot of the jewelry including a new chain belt, earrings, collar, and bangles; styling the wig properly and perhaps making a head scarf; trimming and fixing the wings.
-          Shirakiin Ririchiyo – Inu x Boku SS - Requires tailoring and remaking the tights and scythe.
-          Homura Akemi (Moemura) - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica – Replacing the old stockings to make it more accurate, and buying new red frames. 
-     Juliet Capulet - Romeo x Juliet - I'm considering to start repairing this costume bit by bit, because I do remember there being some potential to salvage it. The same will likely apply to my Yuuko cosplay, although that cosplay may just be available for photoshoots. 
-     Hitorimeno Miori - Alice Parade - Ahh! All the buttons fell out of nowhere during AX as I rushed to the Ito Noizi panel! I will be repairing those soon. 

And I really think that I will be reworking a lot on Amelia, though it's likely when my other cosplay friends decide to remake some of their pieces too with me.

Like I said, there are some events I omitted and it's likely that I will either be wearing a side project, a reused costume, or something new that I might have already completed for another convention. I'm really open to editing and adjusting these. Sakura was meant to be for Japan Expo, although I didn't get anything prepared for her but her wig and the Clow Cards (which I absolutely love!). I wound up finishing Vampire Knight recently, and I went back and looked at my artbook and fell in love with Yuki's black and grey rose gown. I remembered then that it was one of the designs that Team Germany used for their WCS skit! I have my own interpretation of the bottom of the dress however, so I will be taking on that.

For Japan Expo/Anime Expo, it's very likely that my cosplay friends and I want to focus on a more magical girl theme. I have a vision for an Utena skit I want to complete, although like I said, we're open to editing. We are going for a more fantasy theme, so here's seeing what we do with that! Anime Los Angeles will be for sure exciting; we have a massive and wonderful group already onboard with dozens of ideas, and there's been a skit that Shii, Frye, and I have been planning for some time. ALA has been a source of nostalgia and luck for us, so here's to our hard attempts!

For now, I'll let my time/peacefulness/and whatnot do the talking. Tomorrow I'm going to likely be buying some base items for my Yuki gown, and will hopefully use that to kickstart some more progress work!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy World Cosplay Summit!

Happy World Cosplay Summit 2013! The crowning winners are in 3rd Place, Team Thailand! In 2nd Place, Team USA! And in 1st Place, Team Italy, reclaiming their former winning streak!

I wanted to write this post in just commemorating the awesome work that a number of skits  had. It was a fun experience to also watch the stream with some of my cosplay partners and family members, who also really got into the whole experience.

World Cosplay Summit is a fun experience for cosplay duos to represent their countries in an international msquerade. Most of them really bring out the best of their work, and it was really obvious by the looks of several of the skits that they put their strongest efforts.

While the stream and individual videos are trickling in, I have to commemorate some of the best skits of the night:

- Team USA brought back their amazing Alice in the Country of Hearts skit with probably one of the best (if not the best) costume changing sequence yet. They also carried a whimsical appeal that was really well-liked, and their technical skills were amazing.

- Team Indonesia, although not a major winner, put up an intense show. Really intense! Some of my friends got up from their seats in shock at some of their amazing effects. I really hope Indonesia keeps this up.

- Team UK blew me away with picking a very creepy and intense skit idea. I absolutely loved it, and I think the usage of colors in their sets and costumes were amazing.

- Team Italy has some serious spirit! You can feel it radiate from them. It's also great to see a good old classic mecha getting some nostalgic love. <3

Several other teams need to be mentioned, but as I wanted to keep this update short, it was a pleasure to watch and see the crowning winner. Also, Takahashi Yoko as the special performance?! Yes!