Sunday, January 20, 2013

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond feat. Batman and Bruce Wayne  
Year: 2012
Medium: Copic Markers on Canson Illustration Paper

 So to kick off my love for fan art (and Batman!), I am posting my Batman Beyond sketch. Originally, I had purchased illustration paper on a trial basis to see which one would work for a particular project. To not waste the paper entirely, I decided to make a test illustration, and chose Terry McGinnis' design in Batman Beyond. I absolutely love this series, as it is one of those good old nostalgic shows. I also think it's got that deeper, darker, cyberpunk flair from the 90's that I appreciate and still love in older anime and cartoons. 

I admit that I had to look at a few reference pictures for these, as you can obviously compare them to the originals. I did love taking up the challenge of creating shapes out of shadows only, which is the essence of the animation alongside its blockier shapes. Little presketching was done, and the Bruce was done on a whim quickly to add a bit of a story to the whole background. Batman's fists. D=

I currently have this picture hanging on the side of my bed since I absolutely love the dark constrast of colors. I usually find that red and black have the potential to go super tacky, but the design for this outfit is just perfect. *_*


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