Thursday, September 26, 2013

Taobao Order has Arrived!

Gah, perfect timing!

My Taobao order arrived while I was asleep and feeling rather sick with a sore throat. I kept dreaming that I was opening up my package and looking through all my stuff.

Eventually I woke up and walked to the kitchen to find my package sitting on the floor! My mother had brought it in while I was asleep. So immediately, I opened it up like a kid during Christmas (durrhurr, I'll be making a Christmas order!) and running around looking for scissors to open my items with.

So here's a collage of what I ordered (you could probably click to view the full size):

So I mostly bought for myself, my mother, and my sister, yet there are two wigs belonging to Emi, and my two other cosplay friends.

Everything was absolutely nice!!

Things my friends got:
- The Stocking wig and the pink Yuno wig belong to my friend Emi, who's cosplaying them for PMX.
- My other friend got the two sets of Junko's hairclips for her Junko cosplay from Dangan Ronpa.
-  My last friend got the eyeball patches, a GEEK beanie, and a super cute cupcake dessert hoodie.

Things I got for my sister and mother:
- I bought my sister the assortment of different headbands, and the dolphin ones were definitely the cutest!
- I also bought her a really cute little pink rabbit purse, and it's bigger than I thought!
- For my mother besides the makeup, she chose a really pretty pink purse. When we opened it, it was actually like the picture!

Things I got:

- A new purse and wallet! They are both from different stores, but I think they are actually from the same brand. They make the most adorable purses, and the stores were also filled with alternate styles with princes and English guards. I originally had selected another British-inspired purse but it was sold out everywhere. So, I chose this one instead after seeing hoe closely it resembled my old circus vector project, which is also responsible for my site's header. I found the cute matching wallet after some searching, and it's surprisingly really convenient! Has several large pockets and some awesome compartments. 

- New lip tints of various colors, though I regret not getting the orange. That probably would have been really cool. The pinks were especially cute, and I rarely ever had a decent red tint! These tints are also really wet and stronger than most tints, but I feel like with the proper foundation, they're going to stick around much longer than my usual tints. I also recently bought a blood red tint and an orange one that looks all right!

- Little trinkets and items. I got a pair of super cute Union Jack earrings in the shape of hearts, some little ball hairbands (they only had blue at the store but I love them so much!), some small add-on gifts, and a red Soul Gem I bought extra for my Yuki cosplay, since I wanted to opt for one instead of a red blood vial. 

- Various other makeup for my mother and I, including new compact powders, eyeliner pencils (which are super good as usual!), eyebrow mascara that's really nice, eyelash glue, and sponges. I also bought a really cute makeup travel bag so I could put some of my regular touch-up makeup in there for work (the little polka dot bag). They threw me in an extra light toned balm, which is super nice for casual days.

My Yuki Vampire Knight cosplay was included!! It's actually really nice, but when I opened it up, I noticed that two of the little crystal gems are missing from the collar. I'm going to be able to fit it though, so it'sno worries! The fit is also really nice, and it's made of a standard uniform fabric. The style is really nce too, and the jacket fits perfectly. I'm so happy that it's super comfortable and I wore it with my derpy bangless Yuki wig for now, and gah. I am happy. I even have Yuki's boots, which are my daily shoes, and I bought the tights for them too.

- I bought two collars, one that's made out of faux fur and has lace and ribbon trims. This is for putting over winter coats to make them look cuter! I also bought a cute lace one for my normal tops, and it's very soft and lovely. From the same store, I also bought the plaid bow, and it has a safety pin so you can add it anywhere.

-  I bought an assortment of really cute socks - 1 pair of white ruffled ones, two pairs of grey kluni knitted ones and one chocolate brown, and a pair of black short polka dot ones. They are all super cute and are of thick quality.

- I bought three wigs:
    - The first one was my long chocolate brown one for my Yuki Kuran cosplay, and it is from Grand-Young wigs. I love the long wigs that I have from them already, and I wasn't disappointed.  The fibers are smooth and don't tangle very much, and all it really needs is some bang trimming.
    - The second wig is a curly dark brown one from Rain Cosplay, where I also buy a lot of my wigs. I like the wig but I'm not wowed by it. I think I might have to fix the bangs a little before wearing it, but the curls are super nice. I might fiddle with the wig a bit to get a good shape. The color is lovely!
    - The last wig is my favorite! It's been edited in color and a bit of the fluff is probably from teasing it on the picture, but it's absolutely adorable! It's a really nice light honey brown color, and the bangs sit nicely and can be teased a little. I could probably fluff out a lot more of the wig after combing through it, but it's just adorable that I cannot express. It's probably one of the longest of my natural wigs, and I just can't get enough of it.
Without any editing, the wig is actually a little darker and  really nice. I love how smooth it is up top and how natural the waves start to take over. I put on a pair of sunglasses because of two derpy reasons:

1. That Coconuts model makes the glasses + wig combo look massively cute.
2. I'm sick and I look massively derpy.

I think this one might be my new regular go-to wig. <3

Overally, I'm super happy with all of my items. I'm probably doing an order soon, though I'm saving up my money and buying things that weigh way less because the shipping was ohsnaptoomuch. But it's so worth it, and I able to buy really cute things that I'm going to be regularly using.

Hnnng, now to wait till Christmastime to shop!

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