Saturday, September 21, 2013

Almost there, Juliet!

So some progress before I go back to sewing. Side blog story time moment, but it was actually a fun and fulfilling day! I thought it was going to be a quiet day till I woke up to an amazingly cloudy and cold day! Then, had a much-needed lunchtime and sweets break with Shii, and left with another good friend to go see a local company's rendition of Shakepeare's Cymbeline, which was absolutely awesome! Topped it off with a wonderful dinner and now I'm all back to work!

I'm in for a massively long night and day tomorrow, and somehow on Sunday will have to squeeze work and some homework on the side. Thankfully, not a long day for that, I hope!

Progress has been slow but all right this week on Juliet. I have till 2ish to finish her, and realized last minute that I will have to shop for the items for my rose baton tomorrow. ~_~

I actually had to stop working for one night on it because I had a commission to fill for the new League of Legends Finals here in downtown Los Angeles! Justin, our Zelgadis, of Just OK Cosplay commissioned me for a vest for a new project he's got going on, and it's absolutely crazy awesome that I had the chance to finish nearly 80% of it already! Once this is all said and done for my festival performance, I'll be finishing up his items and then moving on towards Yuki again.

 Nonetheless, the process for Juliet's gone a little different than I had imagined. Originally, I noticed that some of the parts were oddly sewn together to the point that I didn't want to try sewing it but alas, it actually sits in pieces at the moment. I took it apart. I had to, and it was slightly painful but becaue of it, I managed to fix the peplum as best as I could and added horsehair braiding it for a little bounce.

I also removed what I ca only describe as a bizarre purple half-bustle thingy I made when I misinterpreted the design of the dress. It was this light cotton flap of purple that had no business being there. I'm going to be sewing  light white fabric skirt with some light ruffles. Then I'm hoping to add a string of violet ruffles along the bottom if I can get to them.

Then another favorite new part of mine is adding some lace to some of the designs! I am fixing the collar a bit more, and then added a new center gem instead of the small one I originally had. It's actually a stand-in jewel for Belldandy, but it seems so perfect for Juliet!

And then I combined two pieces of really pretty cluny lace that I found to make her lace decorations for her sleeve. These are actually inspired by the design I originally found:

Looking at this all over again, I want to remake the peplum. WHYYYY.

Here's the current progress I have by combining the nice cluny lace though:

So by some magical miracle, this will be done! And I'm so excited! I will be doing a dance as Juliet, so it'll be something wonderful to remember!

Now to hope for the best and wish that everything will be wonderful!

If you're around the Southern California area, come to the Asian Pacific Festival to come and support the cosplayers, as well as see all the wonder other exhibitors and events going around! I learned recently that the location is called the Newport Dunes Resort, and it seems like an absolutely beautiful place for a festival!

Edit @ 9AM: Sweet Moholy Nagy, I'm still awae and thriving! Taking a quick break, but this is progress now:

I ended up redoing this piece a few times, and there's still some ruffles and horsehair left. I love though that I was at least able to get the white skirt to look flowy, as well as the peplum!

Still left to do before 2pm:

  • Add lace to the sleeves
  • Fix Cuffs (I have no idea how I made them last time...well, this applies to a lot on this costume.)
  • Add the bottom ruffles if I can get to it
  • Add more back ruffles and then horsehair braid
  • Fix collar if I can get to it, and replace the gem
  • Clean bits here and there
  • Iron the massive heckles out of it!
So here we go! Crunch time!

For more information, schedules, and ticket pricing:

And please come and support Takeriya Samurai and the other awesome cosplayers who are part of this event!

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