Thursday, September 26, 2013

Romeo x Juliet Shots

So I just wanted to quickly post a couple images that we got back from the event!

Credits to Kayumi Lam for the images, they're actually really lovely!

The beginning of the sit, and a pretty good view of the full dress!

Shii then entered the stage and she and I both unraveled the flower veil. There was a lot of wind, so it caught a great deal of air, an this is a pretty good shot of how high we got it to go. Shii also looks wonderful as Romeo!

Our standard Romeo and Juliet pose. xD Might I add that this is such a cool angle of the layers Shii cut into her Romeo wig. It also doubles as her Ciel and Sohma Yuki wig. <3

This is my favorite picture ever, because of how beautiful the light is casted on Shii and I look so ambiguous. You can see a great deal of flow on the dress, and we just look so tranquil and happy!

A super special and heartfelt thanks to Mikarin and Hagi, who were absolutely wonderful and gave us the pleasure of being part of this amazing group. All of the other cosplayers did an amazing job and were so inspiring to hear about. We all come from different backgrounds, yet we're all united together through cosplay.

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