Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Domain Soon!

I wanted to quickly make a separate update to announce that I have purchased a new domain soon for my site! It's likely that the new site will not be available till late December/January, which is the time when I will be having the proper time to work on my graphics and get a lot of things ready to make it post-friendly and to compile a lot of my cosplays and whatnot.

I don't want to attach a new link already, mostly because the current domain is being used for classroom purposes for a project that will also go well into December or so. However, if you know the name of this blog, you're all good!

I've only previously had one solo graphics site before when I was given some hosting by a wonderful online designer name Rain. I was referred to her by a good friend named Sana, who made some really great graphics back in my high school days. When I was really into making graphics online, I participated as staff for a number of sites and after meeting Sana, she heped me get some hosting from a very reccommended host, Serene Illusions. The site was called, "Excalibur Overture Designs". I think I have a really derpy screenshot of the old site, or at least the layout. I painfully admit that I wish I had used more the site, but I was so slow to constructing it.

Unfortunately the only picture I can find doesn't have the host information, so this is just a very old screenshot (haha Windows XP) I took when I was originally making the layout. I do remember having some other screenshots of the actual site, although like I said, it was short-lived and derpily not that different. The site was mainly a graphics resource, although it's kind of hard to find those kinds of sites. Every once in a while I get hit with a creative moment and look around to staff temporarily somewhere, although it's rare to find a graphics resource site that is strictly anime oriented.

I'm so embarrassed now to share this because I'd like to believe that I've massively improved from this. Even with more experience however, I think I probably might still be infuriating over 9000 Bauhaus enthusiasts with my graphic style.

Some of my more recent work has been dedicated to other projects and personal use, with the exception of a few client-based projects. I was honored to have been able to help create logos and flyers for a Help for Japan relief fundraiser in Torrance, hosted by a good friend, and then some other design logos and business-related projects. Other non-business work is dedicated to desktop wallpapers, friends' graphics, and my website header (which was based on a little class project turned header idea).

So back on topic! Because I really like my simpler layout so far, its very likely I'll be rolling this layout (or a basic idea of it) towards my new site. I probably will be toying a bit more with some ideas and new experiments, but my focus is to have a cleaner website I can showcase some of my cosplay endeavours, have a bit of blogging/commentary moments, and personalize my work a bit more.

So here's to a start of a new project!

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