Friday, November 1, 2013

Post-Halloween and Pre-PMX

Happy November!

I can honestly say I remember very little about what happened in all feels like an odd blur of homiegoshness. I haven't had a proper chance to post a decent, Happy Halloween! although I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.

I'll add pictures of progress work, I promise! But this year I completed Hermione and it was fun being her! I worked on the costume till the last minute before I headed off to my good friend's house, which was absolutely fun. All the friends were around and we were goofing off and playing Project Runway (psssst Michael Kors digs my designs. xD).

But unfortunately what I do remember of October was I actually got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on both my left and right hands, which are now in wrist braces. Over the past couple weeks, I've been really working hard on my homework, juggling work and then trying to sew and get other items done. Unfortunately my consistent lack of sleep and lack of breaks have probablymade things a bit worse. Stress has been a bit higher than usual, and it's resulted in me needing to see a doctor finally and taking a bit of a step back from being so intense about my homework. ~_~;; My teacher has been absolutely understanding however, and thanks to him, I've been able to work through what I can do for the meantime till the pain subsides.

Surprisingly though, sewing through Yuki has been a peaceful experience. I've only got the sleeves done, which have required a lot of sewing and handwork on it, and still so much left! Today and tomorrow I will be working on the bodice and getting more work done. Next Friday is PMX!

I went from just thinking of going for one day to the con to three days, because I ended up getting a room with Emi and some of her friends too. It'll be a new experience! Already we're discussing ALA though, so the fun never really ends.

I'll have more progress pictures up soon, but it'll be about keeping things light and easy. The excitement is growing!

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