Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fabric Haul!

The glorious fabric haul begins!

Taking a break from my more recent remorseful, "My Hand Hurts Saga", which hasn't improved but I hope to get at least a day of rest this Thanksgiving before finishing towards most of what seems to be the home stretch for my classes.

Ideally once classes are done, I'd love to get started on my ALA cosplay going. I actually have two to make, and then a holiday one after buying some lovely fabric for a holiday dress. I had planned to make a Christmas Nia outfit, although I'm unsure if I can get the wig in time. I might possibly be able to do a holiday Mirai or Stocking?

So to show my homework productiveness, here's a preview of what's to come of the future of the real website I'm working on:

I've started to consider to keep this blog, but to eventually transfer it over as well to the main portion of the site. I'm quite happy with how it's all looking, and I've just completed my comps for this project and working towards adding some tweaks here and there. I'm starting on the proper coding this week early on so I can have plenty of time to get it to look the way I want it.

After the semester is over, I'm ideally hoping to transfer new projects into there, but to also keep a more organized way to get ahold of me in a more professional manner, and also see some of my work.

So derpy picture of me, but over the weekend, I managed to start getting some plans on how to make Kougyoku from Magi for my ALA cosplay. I am participating in the masquerade with another cosplay, but we haven't gotten into the nitty gritty yet with the group due to school. 

I made a quick sketch of her as my inspiration plan of action. She seems like she'll be quite some work, although I also see it as a chance on having a colorful selection in comparison to Yuuki. I worked mostly with grays, whites, and a lot of black. Now there's a lot of colors of the rainbow!

So I am uber happy with the results from my trip. I went with Emi and two other wonderful friends, and we managed to go through some more stores than usual. For the fabric, I went through a large selection of organzas for her puffs, rayon prints, heavy cotton, taffeta, silks, and surprisingly, my first time woring with ombre!

The trims were absolutely amazing to find, and as always, the Avant Trims store is absolutely amazing in helping us find exactly what we need. I loved this trim interpretation from the start, and then that and the beautiful flower print made me too happy for words. I'm so happy I went with the print design for her, since I was inspired by some of the pre-made dresses I've seen going that direction.

Patterning everything might take a few tries, but I'm willing to be patient. I'm more than excited to get started!

For now, I'll be working slowly ad putting my school efforts on first, but keeping a good reminder of the tasks ahead always keep me on my toes.

Saturday I'll be going on another trip for my next cosplay, sot hat way I can simultaneously work on everything!

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