Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Short Update

A short update because my hands can't really do this right now.

School is pushing towards finals, so my biggest focus these upcoming weeks (as if it isn't already) is finishing up all of my classes as best as I can. I literally haven't slept in days sans the one moment my mother found me catnapping on the sofa. I think the exhaustion is getting to me though, and I'm at the point where I'm just refusing coffee.

Given that these past weeks have been hell on the moon for my hands with their popular demand, I'd really like to get through this semester with my hands in one piece and give them a little rest before the spring semester starts. All of my classes are currently online, so my computer time is maxed out and my hands are like, "Oh honey no."

The lovely news is my spring semester looks promising, and I love the classes I'll be taking. I'm planning on moving forward with classes that are career-friendly too. I've also started my trasnferring process to a new art college! I got the chance to finally doodle for the first time in like a month in between work breaks.

After school finals, Anime LA will basically become my life. I have an actual cosplay plan a month and a half ahead of schedule, but it also mainly these cosplays will be challenging my construction skills far more than Yuuki. I will still be bringing Yuuki, as I love the dress too much to just wear it once, but my Anime LA lineup seems to be very tropical and colorful.

At the moment, it also sounds like a full team reunion is going to happen too! There are some wonderful plans this holiday season and onward, but it'll take some strength and stamina to survive. More updates to come, and those pictures I promised.

Also I made an AMPLE account finally. I absolutely love the interface!

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