Saturday, October 19, 2013

An Everything Update

Well, I survived my midterm. I stayed up till about 7am finishing everything up, but it was overall a pretty smooth experience. I had one strong cup of coffee and pretty much worked through my sleepiness.

So I went to purchase items firstly for my Hermione costume. I bought fabric for the skirt and the robes. I initially wanted to make the robes with the lovely black lining on the inside like the first two film designs, but the red just called out to me. Tomorrow I'll likely get to the robe, and I'll have to purchase a frog and then my Gryffindor patch should be arriving on Monday. Also my sweater should be arriving tomorrow! Whee!

If I finish Hermione tomorrow, I'll likely move on to working on some patterns for Yuki's dress. After some thinking, I realized that I have been wavering so much about whether to cosplay and go to PMX or not because of all of the craziness outside of my cosplay life. It's productive no doubt, but it does burn you out. I think though I'll enjoy the process, no matter how arduous. I purchased some masquerade supplies shortly after my midterm last night too, so I'm excited!

And on top of that, I finally properly tried on my Yuki uniform. <3 The pictures are terrible, but I am happy I had the OTKs and boots as part of my daily wear. Sadly, I lack the bracelet so I'll need that soon, and to repair a few crystals from it. This is made by an awesome Taobao commission shop where I also purchased my Homura cosplay. Sometimes I like commissioning a uniform that I just won't get to, but I want to have regularly as a go to cosplay.

Ghetto as time, but that mirror. I apologize. But I think it came out quite nicely! I absolutely love the color and design of this uniform. I have to brush the wish a lot more, but I managed to style it enough to get some bangs going on in there too. The wig is from an awesome Taobao store called Grand Young Wigs.

No makeup desu, but it's quite a lovely cosplay. I might wear it tomorrow to a local event to see if I can purchase my very first Assist Wig! I finally have the funds and I'm so excited! Hopefully I'll try to get decent shots of my uniform too. It's actually super comfy too!

So likely tomorrow I'll be sewing some more, taking it easy, and then coming home at night with a lovely new wig. <3 I'm not sure which one I want, perhaps a wig for Nepgear or Bernkastel? 

And to finish the night, another doodle: 


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