Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pacific Media Expo 2013 Plans and Updates

So after some week of being sick, I'm slowly getting better but with so many delays in getting anything productive done! Besides rest, it's been mostly about work and trying to get homework done, and somehow obsessively deciding to tinker with my homework projects some more.

Either way, the awesome news is that I was accepted to participate at the Pacific Media Expo 2013's masquerade! This is so exciting! I haven't been to PMX (at least I don't think I have) but I think I almost went since my friend had a panel there years back. So it will be an awesome first time!

My only sad regret is that Shii will be able to attend PMX but she's on a budget right now and might not be able to do much in a role for the skit beyond helping with ninja-work. But no worries, because we have an amazing plans for next con! She's going to be putting all her funds and efforts to that definitely, so it's all going to be good!

In silly news however, this sort of places me a time limit on finishing Yuki, when basically all I have done is just the headpiece...not really, well, sort of. I finished my busload of homework and have a few days off this week and next to get started, and it helps that my work is actually pretty supportive of my artistic endeavours. I'm also hysterically planning on making that scythe. Seizei ganbatte~ ^^;;

I do have a masquerade concept I really came up with, and so at this point it's going to be about focusing myself and getting it all together. I think it's going to be a fun walk on the more serious side though when it comes to the skit's overall theme. Vampire Knight was a pretty intense story, so I really want to strive for something that does the story justice. 

Before I get to work on all that though, I have a commission to fulfill that I'm near finishing for this weekend. My friend Justin (our Zelgadis) commissioned me for a vest for his League of Legends World Finals cosplay. He's doing a genderbent design of  Season II Championship Riven, which is actually a pretty cool cosplay in itself! He designed the whole concept for it and is making the armor himself since he's pretty great at working with props and armor!

I made the vest, and I'm going to be adding pictures soon of it when I put it on Emmy the Dressform for a nice presentable shot. It's actually made out of faux suede and is basically self lined, light, and easy to wear in order to pile on the layers of clothing and armor without it becoming too unbearable and hard to walk in.

I'm actually quite pleased with the craftsmanship of the vest, to be honest. The material really does the trick too! I'm pretty excited to see him wear the whole cosplay at the finals, and though I won't be there, I'm also glad to hear that other fellow friends and cosplayers will be partaking in it!

So beyond that, I currently have awesome sauce plans for the following week for a fun, slightly impromptu (a planned impromptu) trip to a fun place up north (not too north!) for a mini-vacation. I likely will coordinate with some of the others in the group, and it'll just be a fun and silly experience since most of us haven't hung out since school started!

And then Taobao, might get on another order soon. Maybe it'll come before November, or should I wait? I have some cute dresses I really want to buy now, or at least send payments for so I can get them before Christmas time, so I might do a small order of little items and then have a bigger order for Christmas with my dresses. Blah! I shall not go crazy with shopping!

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