Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Art Moment and 3AM Midterm

So this post might only have *one* valuable reason.

Bahaha, finally some digital art piece for this site. #_# I actually realized how rarely I put art in here, but I also added it to my (slow but still existing) tumblr too. I rarely get the opportunity to site down and work on my art, though I actually should...and this was a really quick one.

It features Serena with an alternate outfit I decided off the top of my head. Originally it was going to be a derpy mid-time doodle, but I got to fleshing it out a bit more. It's made on Sai like the others, and I just keep on practicing slowly but surely. She's probably the cutest starter I've seen though. <3

I'm still waiting on getting the Pokemon X till probably early November to keep myself away from being distracted by anything that isn't school/work/cosplay. The nice thing is that my classes at the moment have allowed me to practice my digital artwork while also making some nice pieces for class (and resume/portfolio).

So it's about 3:30 AM and yes, I'm going to be taking a midterm online. It might take me till the early dawn to finish it, but mehhhh, one less thing to worry about this week.

And really, these past few weeks, or should I say months since AX, have been extremely challenging for me, since quite honestly, I've never gotten the hang of balancing being a full time student and going to work, and competing all at the same time. My previous jobs weren't as long, or I lived meagerly out of freelancing, but here I am now, knowing that I needed to develop stable job skills. Work is honestly great, and it's also amazingly fortunate to have a boss and coworkers who like and respect what I do. Years back, I think cosplay was something that you just briefly mentioned and tried to pass it off as some kind of weekend Mardi Gras. It still kind of is, but at least it's a bit more out and in the open.

Nonetheless, it's not hard to find dozens of people who balance all this daily. Somehow and some way, they get it. And I'm getting there too. I think the month of October is a refreshing one, but it's gotten to be admittedly demanding. I have a hard time telling people no when I probably should ~ I've gotten quite a few more commission requests from local friends lately, but they're all super late! It sucks t not be able to get to them, and yes, I do have to unfortunately say no, but it really feels blaaaaah. D=

And in all of this, I haven't even had the time once to work on my cosplay for PMX. I technically have two, although the former I might be able to quickly wedge in there. However goodness, I honestly don't know at this point if I will get Yuki done. I'm going to fight it, fight that laziness and over-burned work overtime desu to do this. I feel like a part of me is honestly very clogged with worries and being intimidated by the dress that it feels harder than it probably is. Don't get me wrong, that thing must be massively hard, but there's always a way. It's been done before. It's probably unwise to do it in a rush, but here's to me trying this out honestly.

I think I just need to refocus and remember why I picked it, and why I'm doing it. I love Vampire Knight, and I love this cosplay, and I think when done right, it can be a great reflection of my work. I am a little sad that I might have to go through this masquerade a bit alone again, but luckily I have wonderful friends I'll be spending time with at the convention itself to counter all that. I should have updated soon, and have a goal to sew all day Saturday, along with my Halloween costume!

Last year for Halloween, I made a costume for Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo for a group with our main cosplay group/friends group. Unfortunately, Shii got terribly sick that day and we had to cancel our plans, so it was a lonely Halloween. We're going to try again, as well as attending some usual friend's parties. I was thinking a few ideas at first of being the Ham from To Kill a Mockingbird, Marion from Indiana Jones, or HR Pufnstuf, but either they fizzled out or were too expensive. I then began thinking about when I was a child, who did I want to be for Halloween the most since I actually never dressed up till I was in high school. And bahahaha, Hermione was my first choice.

I was called Hermione throughout primary school when the books came out. Admittedly, I was probably as obsessed with school and books. ~_~;; But I loved her! I purchased the sweater vest from Whimsic Alley, an absolutely amazing place, and I'm buying fabric tomorrow for the skirt and the robe. I also purchased the patch online, her wand, tie, and the socks. My wig is my good ol' Priscila wig, and I have a collared shirt I use for uniforms, and of course, dozens of books! Now I wish I hat a cat named Crookshanks!

So after much avoiding...I think it's time for me to get this midterm over with. Wish me luck!

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