Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy World Cosplay Summit!

Happy World Cosplay Summit 2013! The crowning winners are in 3rd Place, Team Thailand! In 2nd Place, Team USA! And in 1st Place, Team Italy, reclaiming their former winning streak!

I wanted to write this post in just commemorating the awesome work that a number of skits  had. It was a fun experience to also watch the stream with some of my cosplay partners and family members, who also really got into the whole experience.

World Cosplay Summit is a fun experience for cosplay duos to represent their countries in an international msquerade. Most of them really bring out the best of their work, and it was really obvious by the looks of several of the skits that they put their strongest efforts.

While the stream and individual videos are trickling in, I have to commemorate some of the best skits of the night:

- Team USA brought back their amazing Alice in the Country of Hearts skit with probably one of the best (if not the best) costume changing sequence yet. They also carried a whimsical appeal that was really well-liked, and their technical skills were amazing.

- Team Indonesia, although not a major winner, put up an intense show. Really intense! Some of my friends got up from their seats in shock at some of their amazing effects. I really hope Indonesia keeps this up.

- Team UK blew me away with picking a very creepy and intense skit idea. I absolutely loved it, and I think the usage of colors in their sets and costumes were amazing.

- Team Italy has some serious spirit! You can feel it radiate from them. It's also great to see a good old classic mecha getting some nostalgic love. <3

Several other teams need to be mentioned, but as I wanted to keep this update short, it was a pleasure to watch and see the crowning winner. Also, Takahashi Yoko as the special performance?! Yes!

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