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Taobao Haul!

Holy Moholy Nagy, Batman! So much left to do for Fanime!
As I wrote before, I'm preparing for Fanime and I will have little time to get everything working, but so far everything looks absolutely promising despite all the crazy amounts of setbacks! Currently I am actually in the process of starting the final cosplay after the other two have arrived from Taobao and then my other ones were completed during the post -ALA sewing extravaganza. xD

The glorious plans! I'm trying to sneak a Gundam cosplay in there if I can, but who knows at this point!

So pretty much this was kind of a bad case of (yet once again, don't we ever learn?) poor planning between finals, work, and everything else in between, but also, we lucked out in some ways.

I mentioned that Shii and I were accepted for masquerade, and we selected xxxholic as our awesome sauce cosplay duo idea. We ended up scouring through designs we liked, but being students and how late in the game we were with planning this due to cancelling our previous skit ideas, we ended up choosing this beautiful design duo from the Kouchou no Yume artbook series that was just recently released.

Since CLAMP sometimes doesn't provide full outfits, we assumed at the time that it'd be a case of filling out the rest of the outfit at the bottom using guess work, especially for a matching Watanuki outfit. Eventually however, the full versions were released and I got wind of it just last week.

Aaaaaaaa~ the goodness. I've wanted to be Yuuko for so long and this design is just glorious. We're making the head piece tomorrow and I'm getting everything cut and sorted out later today. It's going to be a nonstop sewing festival at my house, but when isn't it ever? I have currently that full dress and two kosodes to make. Thankfully by sheer luck, my Ririchiyo top actually can serve as a guide since I feel like such a greenhorn when it comes to traditional clothing. Please forgive me!

Our skit seems to show some great promise, and I edited and made my own audio and video design for the entire thing, which we're pretty happy about. The props were designed by Shii and I, with some gracious help from our usual boys, Frye, Charizard, and Justin. <3 They put up with us in so many ways and have helped us through some of the biggest derps.

So besides Yuuko, thankfully all I have to do is fix Ririchiyo's bottoms to have them fit a bit better on me (they are too big at the moment!) and then attach all of Homura's bows, Ririchiyo's gauntlets, and fix both of their tights. I have Ririchiyo's already done but needing to fix the little negative space area, and then Homura's needs her diamonds painted. Then for Enishi, I'm finishing up the clasps, and adding addiitonal details to the sash.

Now onto the intention of this massive post ~ my Taobao order has arrived! This is my third major one, so I wanted to make a proper review in hopes that any others looking for said items are curious to see how things look like!

So here's the obligatory items list:

Basically, I purchase two wigs, my Sailormoon wig replacement for an older one, a gyaru wig I kind of wanted since forever, and then Ririchiyo's cosplay/items minus the gauntlets, my Homura cosplay, some makeup for my mommy, and then Kyoko's genderbent cosplay and hoodie for Charizard. All of the cosplay items were custom made and quite nice actually!

So a quick review (I will add pictures later!!) (Edited now for more details)


- Concealer -It's actually a pretty good cocnealer! I use it in my regular makeup reigmen, and it's really light. A lot of the Rain makeup is pretty light but nice on the skin.
- Eyelash Curler - My mum tried it and she liked it, no problems there!
- Eyeliner - My mum asked specifically for like some twelve of these because I bought one in my last order and she absolutely loves it. The kohl is really soft and applies really well, and it doesn't smudge a whole lot either. It has a really nice dark color too.
- White Eye Shadow - I opened it and it seems really vibrant,and it's a light bit lighter but more ethereal than some of the other White shimmer and shadow colors. I still like it a lot for subtler purposes.
- Powder- Really, really nice! we were kind of surprised because we thought it would be not as great. It applies really smoothly and it's fine, and the color is not too obtrusive at all. It also says that it has an SPF of 15, which is nice!
- Clean Eyelash/Trinkets Box - This is actually a pretty handy box! I don't use it for makeup purposes, but I ended up using it for putting all of my jewlery making supplies for Belldandy when I had to make her earrings and whatnot. I now currently also use it to hold my tiny beads for my other cosplays.


- Gyaru Wig - Not for cosplay, but I really wanted a gyaru or everyday wig for the longest time. Most of the wigs I use are more cosply appropriate, so I wanted a fun color that was a bit closer to natural. I love this wig, although it's a bit darker than the original picture. I think the quality is wonderful and my friend Emi borrows this wig a lot because it's comfortable and the curls are really well done. I'm thinking of buying a dark version of this wig too since I love the fibers and style of it. I did style the bangs a bit more, but nothing too different!
- Sailormoon Wig - I absolutely love the color of this wig and when I received it, I adored the multiple colored blond fibers. Unfortunately, the buns are prestyled and look a little messier than I wanted it, and because of the styling of the wig, the wig cap is significantly tighter than other TSN wigs I have and can wear comfortably. I don't reccommend it for people with normal to larger wig heads or I think specifically, people with a lot of hair to hide. The hairline is a bit awkward and the wig end really high up along the back, so if you have longer hair, you'd either have to cover that bit of hair or shave it off. I bought this to previously replace a former wig I assume I've lost by this point, but I am considering to just make my own Sailormoon wig since I wish this one would work so much better for me.
- Ririchiyo Scarf - This is actually really nice! I bought it separately hoping to save money on the initial set, and I lvoe the fabric. It is well done and I love the red color they used because some of the other scarves either had red pleather or a shiny fabric or too dull of a red.
- Ririchiyo Hair Horns and Flower - These things are adorable. They're ell made and stay on nicely on my wig, which is already pretty slippery. I love them because they're absoltuely adorable!
- Ririchiyo Cosplay - Great cosplay! Though they made it a bit too big, and I have to adjust the bottoms by a lot. I didn't end up wearing it for the con because I was too short on time to adjust it, but I really liked the fact that it was a bit more covered with the bottom design than the original. I don't think I can personally handle wearing it so high up. ~_~ However, I really like the quality and it's massively comfortable.
- Homura Cosplay - This thing is adorable! I wore it to Anime Expo, and I absolutely love it! I got compliments from it because I wore it as Moemura instead of Homura. I regret not being able to order the stockings, though I'll be making my own soon. I wore it as a Day 1 cosplay and I loe how comfortable it is. The fit's really nice and the fabrics are of pretty good quality. It's personally better than some of the other commissions I've seen from other Homuras in the past, so I quite like it, an they especially used a really cool pleather that isn't too shiny on the black details of the trimming and bows. I love the store so much that I am ordering another uniform from them soon!


- Jewels/Phone Chain - They are nice, and they were packaged really delicately. They seem to be made out of plastic, and looks like a nice quality, well crafted.
 - Hair bows - Really adorable! Has a simple clip in the back that holds it together.
Sleeves - The white part is really nice and has a soft hand and stretch to it. However, the brown part isn't stretchy and is rather difficult to put on. ~_~ I am going to be adding a little strip of elastic to it where I can edit it, which is actually no problem or can cause harm to the design. I don't want Charizard's hands turning purple. o_o
- Kyoko Hoodie - This thing is AMAZING. I can't even begin to express how comfy it is and well made it is. The jacket fits nicely, though we have different bust sizes obviously, and I love the fabric. The color is so vibrant too, and I think it's absolutely perfect. The details are well made too!
- Kyoko Genderbent Cosplay - It's actually much better than expected. The seller didn't have alot of information, but the cosplay is actually decently constructed. It'll depend on the fit definitely when Charizard tries it on. It's got a nice hand and weight, and the colors are nice. I love the design for the trousers with the chaps designs. Update: He loves it!

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