Friday, June 7, 2013

Random Artwork!

So I have so much to update about Fanime and my Yuuko cosplay, but I wated to quickly dump a random piece I made with a few spare minutes. I've been busy recovering my back from a bad injury during the convention, and then getting my personal and school life settled.

But here's my first time using Photoshop for hand drawn artwork! I have actually almost exclusively used Paint Tool Sai and after finishing some work for a client, I began to wonder why I never had used Photoshop before.

I quite love it!

She reminds me a bit of something from Creamy Mami. xD I designed her originally with longer hair, but I wanted to just make it a quick trial run. It's an original character, nontheless!

So more updates coming soon about Yuuko, along with some groovy pictures, and some Cecilia photoshoot results as well. I'm surprised I was able to bring Cecilia out again! It was quite fun. And for Anime Expo, I have Belldandy planned with an awesome friend cosplaying as Holy Bell!

Soon! I promise!

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