This is the Commission Page, where you can get some more information about making requests for a cosplay, drawing, or other art offer that you'd like.

My resume is available upon request as well. If you're interested in a bigger portfolio of work to see other than my current picture posts, please e-mail me at eirehime (at) hotmail (dot) com. Write on the subject line something to do with 'Cosplay/Art Commission' so I can answer you as promptly as I can. 

Commissions are currently OPEN UPON CONSIDERATION.

I have been sewing for about seven years and am constantly learning new techniques. I have had formal training from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, as well as self-taught skills, talented mentors, online tutorials, and general inquiries with other great designers. 

I'm a decent seamstress, and prefer to work particularly with non-armor cosplays (until I gain enough experience to do so!). My current posts are great examples of the types of cosplays I enjoy making - school uniforms and lots of colorful designs. 

If you are interested in a cosplay, please e-mail me at eirehime (at) hotmail (dot) com with a subject on cosplays or commissions so that I respond quickly to you. Please give some ample time for me to respond, negociate with fees, and discuss materials and design production as well. I constantly will keep communication with you and provide progress shots. Measurements will be required and should be sent by the confirmation e-mail for the commission.

If you've visited here from visiting any panels around Southern California anime conventions, I am always open and pleased to teach any dance panels for any Southern California conventions. I have been performing and teaching since 2006 and enjoy teaching a variety of popular dance styles - ParaPara and its sisters, Eurobeat, general anime fandom dances, Idolm@ster, K-Pop, and general J-Pop. 

 Please e-mail me for further information!


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