Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ten Years After!

I had to take my title from my favorite Gundam ending theme. xD

So officially, it will be ten years of cosplay for me in January of Anime LA 2014! I did however want to take this time to post and commemorate that Fanime's skit will be our expression of appreciation for ten years of hard work! It's not the end, only the beginning! We also have something special coming up for Anime LA 2014, hopefully this will be the stepping stone.

However, Fanime has been one of the old school conventions of the West, and severa nostalgia has hit me right now. I'm so happy to say that I was fortunate enough to meet the right people along the way who have graciously helped me nurture my hobby, craft, and art.

Last night I mixed my masquerade audio for Fanime. It's finally kicked is a celebration of ten years of cons and cosplay, the laughs, sweat, blood, tears, glomps, and smiles shared. We got our acceptance letter about a week and a half ago and our craftsmanship appointment. It's so crazy!

Shii and I picked xxxholic as our series to cosplay from because we felt like it embodies a lot of our creative strengths and what we love about the characters. Here's really hoping this is all pulled nicely together!

 I've met so many wonderful people throughout this journey as I continue. It's such a wonderful experience and it feels amazing now to look back and see the beginning and see how much work my friends and I have done. I'm so happy and grateful. To many, many more years in this hobby, art, and way of life!

And there's also an update for Mari. I took the picture one night after I received her new headband, and so I put on the whole otufit. Since the last time I had worked on her, the tie arrived and the wig has be cut and styled.

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