Monday, February 25, 2013

New Sewing Machine!

So I have not updated in a little while, mainly due to the fact that I was pretty sick (and still am) with the flu. I've been getting proper rest and also resting my back since I haven't been the best with it as of Anime LA. I am happy to say that I am doing loads better with my back! 

My first update is the blessed news of a new sewing machine!

 It is a (new) Pfaff 360 machine, and it is the most awesome present from my close friend and fellow cosplayer, Kureno! We went a few weeks ago to shop for our new Rurouni Kenshin materials for Fanime, and my friends have long known my woes about my poor other machine, which has been severely overused throughout all these years. I hold such a sentimental attachment to it as well, so I wouldn't want to get rid of it even if it was ever broken, but we did need something sturdier to get the job done. We looked around the fabric store for some models they had, but then we went to a repair shop and found a lovely set of different older models. I took a liking to this Pfaff and a Kenmore, and it was the Pfaff that became the final choice! I have since been using this since and it works like an absolute dream! 

I think it opens up a great deal of opportunities in being able to sew more and get more out of cosplay and design. I look forward to the great events tis machine will contribute to, as well as I owe my friends and family for the greatest amount of support in this hobby and generally anything I have decided to do! 

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